About Providus Capital

New World, New Markets, New Strategies

prōvĭdus , a, um, adj. provideo. (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈproː.wi.dus/, [ˈpɾoː.wɪ.d̪ʊs̠]

  1. Foreseeing
  2. Cautious, circumspect, provident, prudent
  3. Caring or providing for, provident of


Founded in 2005 as Providus Global Securities, we were a proprietary trading firm specialising in short-term trading opportunities across numerous markets. Throughout the years we have evolved with the market into a wholesale funds management business, relaunching as Providus Capital in 2012 to better reflect our expanded service offerings.

Today our business cover investment advisory and management services across many asset classes.

The financial world is undergoing a tectonic shift brought on by Financial Technology and related innovations, what is certain is that it will revolutionise the way we access and interact with financial products. Some will flourish while some will be confined in the footnotes of history as mere fads. We at Providus is excited and determined to navigate this exciting new era with a front row seat.

We are ready.

You coming?